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Shoreline Solutions has been suppling the marine construction business for nearly 30 years, selling vinyl sheet piling for nearly 25 of those years. We are the very proud Michigan distributor of Tidewall vinyl sheet piling. Tidewall uses only 100% window grade UV stabilized PVC compound throughout the seawall. Window grade PVC is the best quality PVC compound for producing seawall; far better than siding, fence, or pipe grade in terms of UV stability and impact resistance. The sheets are designed to be thicker, deeper, and stronger to give added performance and structural strength. A beautiful maintenance-free Tidewall seawall will help protect your property investment.

Shoreline Solutions can offer you Tidewall vinyl sheeting at unbeatable prices due to low overhead, bulk purchasing, and Tidewall's cost-effective vertical-integration manufacturing processes. We carry a large in-stock inventory in two colors - gray and clay - in lengths ranging from 5 feet to 12 feet, along with universal corners. The other color, Slate and Z-profile series are available by special order. Please call for current in-stock availability. If we do not have your project needs in stock, we can either include it on our next semi load.

Why Tidewall?

Tidewall is manufactured by a very reputable and customer-dedicated manufacturer - Regenex. The founder and staff are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. They stand for the same principles and customer service that we do at Shoreline Solutions. For further details and benefits including the manufacturing process, UV stability, engineering specifications, and warranty, we invite you to visit Tidewall. You can also download their very informative comprehensive brochure. ​

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